Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rossini: Round 2

I have found a modern version of Rossini's William Tell Overture on youtube, it is a rock n roll cover of the famous song. There are simlarities between this version and the original version. The new version captures the finale as well as Rossini had captured it when he himself comoposed it. It sounds the same as the original note wise just a different way of projecting the notes, by the use of an electric guitar. The powerful  feeling I get from the rock n roll cover is equal as the feeling from the original if not greater. The differences I have found are that this version may be more or less apealing to some because of the type of music. For instance, I enjoy the cover piece more because I am a fan of rock n roll more than I am classical music. Another difference or I believe flaw with the cover piece is that it is not the complete song but only the finale. I believe that the cover piece could have passed up the original or failed as being as good as the original if it were the whole version of the song. It could have possibly changed the entire cover if it were longer.

All in all, I believe the cover is a worthy succesor to the original masterpiece Rossini has created. It is modern which most people like and it also sounds powerful as I have stated above, it captures what Rossini had captured so long ago.

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